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Colorful Graffiti

Social Justice and Pop Culture 


Rappers Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion celebrate their sexual desires in a new music video, sparking controversy among many. Women in rap are no strangers to criticism when bringing sex to the forefront. Despite this stigma, there are many who applaud the pair’s ownership of their sexuality.

Months have gone by since the murder of Breonna Taylor at the hands of police. Despite national outcry and demands for justice, little has been done to hold the officers involved accountable. After featuring Breonna Taylor on the cover of her magazine, Oprah has now taken action in the form of mass billboards to demand justice.    


K-pop thrives as a worldwide music phenomenon, breaking down cultural barriers. K-pop idol Jo Kwon now aims to break down the barriers of gender by embracing their androgyny. 

As racist allegations surround Ellen Degeneres and her team behind the scenes, many fans are now recounting insensitive moments showcased on camera. These problematic behaviors are most evident during her interactions with Colombian-American actress Sofia Vergara, reminding  us that even when you’re the highest-paid woman in television you’re still subject to being a perpetual foreigner.


Every woman experiences pressure to get married, even if it means sacrificing her desires and ambitions. Netflix’s new trending reality show exhibits this internal conflict within the Indian matchmaking process. This process emphasizes the union of families, but this union often comes at the expense of the bride’s happiness.       

Beyonce’s much anticipated visual album Black is King tells a story of a young boy’s journey to reclaim his throne. While the film features an all-star cast of black creatives in a celebration of black culture, the emphasis on African royalty is a missed opportunity to elevate the experiences of everyday African people.      

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