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Diversity and Inclusion Services


Diversity and Inclusion has become a priority and necessity for so many companies, and businesses in today's world. It's a necessary and fundamental part of our world and relationship to others.

 Do you need an internal assessment of Diversity Equity and Inclusion practices at your organization?

Are you looking to Partner with us to create a Diversity Council or optimize your existing Diversity Equity and Inclusion Council?


We have the experience. you seek! We teach inclusive workplace behaviors that enable all of your employees to value diversity of thought, as together you can build a culture of inclusiveness. 

CCOJ LLC helps you answer the question of how to discuss race at your company, how to effectively challenge gender dynamics as a team,  how to recognize unconscious biases which are created by and often reinforced by our environments and experiences.


Through active learning, workshops, guided facilitation, and unique infusion of Pop Culture to make the material relatable, we help your team optimize diversity within your business while creating an environment where learning and growing together is desired. 

Group Portrait of Queer Friends

Some of our services include: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion Training

  • Unconscious Bias Training 

  • Anti-Racism Training

  • Gender Diversity Education 

  • State compliant Harassment and Sexual Harassment Training

  • LGBTQ Inclusion Training 

  • How to Be an Ally

  • Bystander Intervention Tips and Techniques workshop

  • Pop Culture and Social Justice Workshop

  • Organization specific workshops

  • Internal Diversity Equity Inclusion assessment of the organization 

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